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The only wired podengo in our Kennel is this little spitfire Podengo Pequeno.  She has been a fantastic addition to our Podengo family.  She is polite and happy.   “Val” is short for Champion Pevide de Viamonte.  Val originally came from a top breeder of wired podengos in Portugal called  Viamonte Podengos.  We were lucky enough to make acquaintances with Stacy and Susan Faw of Broken Road Kennels who had Val and knew we wanted a wire.

Despite her laid back nature she is an excellent hound dog.  Always hunting cats and guarding the house from the untrustworthy mailman this podengo only pretends to be napping.

Val has excellent hips and passed her OFA with flying colors.   We recently had Val’s DNA run and her results are very pleasing.  She is clear of over 140 plus genetic mutations.   Please ask to see any health test results. Val is dual registered in the UKC and AKC.   She is already an AKC Champion.

Look for updates on the puppy page for litter announcements.

Read about Portuguese Podengo Pequenos here

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