Health of the Podengo Pequeno

Like all breeds there may be some health issues, like hip dysplasia, eye disease and patellar luxation. Some dogs may be faced with these health challenges in their lives, but the majority of PPPs are healthy dogs.

Working with a responsible breeder, those wishing to own a PPP can gain the education they need to know about specific health concerns within the breed. Good breeders utilize genetic testing of their breeding stock to reduce the likelihood of disease in their puppies.

The statement above is from the American Kennel Club page on the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno’s health.

It is very important that you work with a responsible breeder.  Just like in other breeders you have breeders who do not health test their breeding stock.  You also have breeders who test but then breed dogs that shouldn’t be bred because of health issues.   To keep the PPP a healthy breed we must only breed dogs who have been health tested (including genetic testing) and only breed dogs with good results.  Always ask the breeder to see the health certificates.   This includes stud dogs.    There are no good excuses on why a test wasn’t done BEFORE a breeding occurred.   Tests are non-invasive, not expensive and done by most vets.

Please remember, that just because a dog has a CHIC number does not mean that dog had good test results.