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I’M SURE most of us sighed with relief when the curtain finally came down on this year’s Crufts with no shocking incidents having taken place; no planes flying over the venue, no giant Frenchies handing out leaflets and no stickered cars.

However this show was certainly eye-opening for me because of one particular event. At the end of the first day, Jemima Harrison put out a call for any CRUFFA supporters visiting Crufts to meet with the Times journalist for an interview. Spotting an opportunity to balance the debate, Marc, my partner, immediately offered his services and subsequently met with the young journalist who clearly didn’t have a clue about pedigree dogs, coefficients or health testing. She was ‘educated’ on all these things and was also told about the horrors of the puppy trade and illegal imports. He spoke to her for nearly an hour. Of course none of these things made it into the piece and it was clearly evident which way the article would go when the hack turned off her tape and said, “Off the record can I ask you about sabotage in the show world…you have to admit there is a severe inbreeding problem right…exhibitors don’t like foreign competition do they?” And she also had something of an obsession with ‘getting dirt’ on the Bulldog.

Please continue reading this article at Dog World UK.  It is time to fight back!

When Miranda, our daughter, got her precious King Charles Cavalier the first thing people asked was if he was a rescue.  When she said no they would grunt and seem to disapprove.  Miranda did tons of research before getting her pup.  She found a breeder that health tested their dogs.   She has been breeding for King Charles for years and knows her line.  Also, like most good breeders her puppies won’t end up in a shelter.   She will gladly take back a dog or puppy so it would never end out in a shelter.

Not a Podengo but we love him anyways